How to KO in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

If you look at the bottom of the screen, you will see a percentage indicator for each of the characters in combat. This evaluation starts from the beginning of the game and increases when the character in question is damaged. As this number increases, the character's "recoil" value, as well as the fighter's range when hit, also increases.

You can think of each phase as a big box. When a character moves beyond the boundaries of that area, it's called a knockout. This clears the losing loser percentage before the character reappears at the top of the screen. Player falls accidentally when he falls from the arena, he still loses a life, but no one gets credit for the knockout. This why you have to use only the b est characters in your game. The Best Characters in the game can be found in the tier list given in


Keep in mind that there is a double jump system at play in Super Smash Bros and it is essential to use this skill competently to recover from a particularly bad setback. Most characters can also use a recovery movement that moves them away from danger.

Try using this skill in combination with the double jump to further increase your chances of survival. If you need to lower the level to prevent damage, double-press the steering lever and hold it down.


The Super Smash Bros Combination System works slightly different from the type of system you will be used to in other combat games, thanks in large part to the recoil system that can often push your opponent too much to the next attack.

You should also consider how the character will probably choose to jump two after his initial shot (known in the community as "Technology"). If your opponent tends to turn left after hitting, you should be ready to do the same, so your follow-up attack has a better chance of connecting.

Smash Attacks

Smash Attacks provides powerful shots that also cause a significant setback. They are performed by pressing A while pushing the lever as far as possible in one direction. Each character typically has four different Smash attacks, one for upward, left, down, and right directions.

These attacks can be particularly useful when you want to finish a combo with style or when your opponent is not paying attention. Do not be foolish when using these moves, they can be quite easy to dodge and leave you a bit vulnerable to your opponent's counterattack.

Special moves

Button B is there to help you perform your so-called special moves. Mario, for example, has a fireball that he can throw. Some characters have special moves more suited to close combat, while others will find their unique abilities much more useful when delivered remotely. In fact, it's about going through the entire list and finding the character that suits you best.


Here are the basic things you want to know before playing Super Smash Bros Ultimate. It is currently one of the top played online games in the world. Still there are many things to learn before playing the game. We hope this information helps.

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